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I have begun stitching in 1978. For the last 10 years, my stitching has been with "smalls". I love to use beads and ribbons and always looking for new ways for finishing. My email addresses is

Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Items on my web site

Life has been very busy this year so far. With the start of the school for my 6 years, he has not been feeling well due to the exceptional cold weather in the Houston area for the last 6 weeks. I have refined a few things on the web site, and trying to organize better this year.

I have added a few new charts, new linen fabric, introducing 10 yards gentle art sampler threads, a few new Valdani threads, new Valdani 3 ball strand floss, and some new threadsworX. I am also carrying French Bohin Tapestry needles size 26 and 28 in bulk in additional to John John needles.

New charts:

Blue Ribbon Design Winter White Wonderland:

Blackbird Designs, Merry December and Thankful November:

Shepherd's bush designs, My Valentine, Santa's coming and Thankful heart:

Little House needleworks March Ornament "He's a Flake" (seed beads are included)

These fabric have been added:

Cashel hand dyed Vintage Country Mocha
Cashel 28 ct Black
Northern Cross 30 ct Linen Cream
Northern Cross 35 ct Linen Cream
Northern Cross 35 Ct Linen Tea
Belfast 32 ct Light Mocha
Wichelt linen 30ct flax
Wichelt linen 35ct Lambswool
Wichelt linen 40 ct Lambswook
Wichelt linen 40 ct Sandstone/Tea Dyed

New ThreadworX threads are added, there was a price increase with the threads effective January 9, 2010:

ThreadworX 1010 Aloha
ThreadworX 1019 Moon Dust
ThreadworX 1026 Aqua Blue
ThreadworX 10281 Pirae's Gold
ThreadworX 1045 Green Apple
ThreadworX 1074 Peach Ice
ThreadworX 1082 Cabbage
ThreadworX 1111 San Antonio
ThreadworX 1125 Arboretum
ThreadworX 1130 Clay Gardens
ThreadworX 1133 Summer Shadows
ThreadworX 1144 Sea Treasures
ThreadworX 1621 Cat Eyes
ThreadworX Indian Skies
ThreadworX 11622 Butter Rum
ThreadworX 1128 Legacy

New Valdani 3 strand Ball floss:

New Valdani 6 strands floss are added:

Valdani 6 ply O145 Earth Shades
Valdani 6 ply O41 Deep Forest Green
Valdani 6 ply M93 Silver Foams
Valdani 6 ply O540 Black Olive
Valdani 6 ply O572 Blue Blackbird
Valdani 6 ply M1001 Vanilla Sky
Valdani 6 ply O534 Quiet Fall
Valdani 6 ply O775 Proud Turkey
Valdani 6 ply O559 Water Weed
Valdani 6 ply O560 Morning Grass
Valdani 6 ply O561 Shimmering Denim
Valdani 6 ply O562 Horizon Storm
Valdani 6 ply M22 Peaches
Valdani 6 ply M38 Soft Pastel
Valdani 6 ply M42 Summer Sky
Valdani 6 ply 811 Brick Light
Valdani 6 ply 812 Brick Medium
Valdani 6 ply 813 Brick Dark
Valdani 6 ply 821 Olive Green Light
Valdani 6 ply 822 Olive Green Medium
Valdani 6 ply 823 Olive Green Dark
Valdani 6 ply 841 Old Rose Light
Valdani 6 ply 842Old Rose Medium
Valdani 6 ply 843 Old Rose Dark
Valdani 6 ply 881 Distant Mauve Light
Valdani 6 ply 882 Distant Mauve medium
Valdani 6 ply 883 Distant Mauve dark

Introducing Gentle Art Sampler Threads in 10 yards. I have added 10 yards Gentle Art Sampler threads version in addition to the 5 yards Gentle art Sampler Threads. I only have the 10 yards version in over 50 the most popular colors.

Let take a look at the math of the saving.....

Regular price of a 5 yards skein of Gentle art is $1.90, so 10 yard will cost you $3.80 ($1.90 x 2). Now let look at the 10 yards skein, regular price is $3.00, Anita's web site has them on sale for $2.60. The saving is about 31%.

($3.80 - $2.60)= $1.20

$1.20 divided by $3.80 is 31.5%

I have added Bohin French Needles size 26 and 28 in Bulk (25 and 50 needles). They are exceptional needles. If you have not tried them yet, you should. So far they are the best needles I have ever used, the needle makes my stitching coming out more evenly. I also sell them in individual packs as well. I carry John James Regular and Petite needles in bulk as well.

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