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Anita's Stitching

I have begun stitching in 1978. For the last 10 years, my stitching has been with "smalls". I love to use beads and ribbons and always looking for new ways for finishing. My email addresses is

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry christmas and Happy holidays

Wishing everyone a merry christms and thank you so much for visiting my blog. Today, I went to Michael's and got a few of their 70% ribbons and last minute gifts for my son. He is so much into puzzles, for a 4 years old, he is able to do 100 pieces. He is working on some 500 pieces with some help. I also went to Sam's to pick up a few dessert for the Christmas party that we are going tomorrow. I came home and we all made our christmas cookies. We don't have any family around here so we are joining my neighbor for Christmas. I have 2 more christmas theme stitching to share:

Jean Farish from Just Cross stitch ornament issue:

I love the strawberry emery stitching, I will be making more in 2008 with various designs, they are so much fun:

Here is a picture of my son wishing you all a Merry christmas and a happy new year.

Christmas gifts received

I have been very blessed with friends with various talents. Here are the christmas gifts that I have received. Thank you so much for the friendship, the thoughts and the time to put into making all these memorable gifts:

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sweetheart Tree christmas small set

Sweetheart tree is one of my favorite designers. When I first learned how to stitch, I bought a lot of her designs. It takes lot of patience and time to stitch all the backstitching and quarter stitches.

The Biscornu, I added the jingle bells and stars. The chart is a perfect size for Biscornu

Pinkeep, I still need to add a ribbon row on top, I used the ric rac ribbon:

The scissor fob, the red had so many changes in colors that I had a hard time following the chart, then the backstitching, I almost tossed this one into the trash:

As you can tell, I am not into christmas ornament stitching at all. I am working on my second strawberry emery next and then on to some pinkeeps. Hm, there are more christmas biscornu coming up too. Have a great week and thank you so much for visiting my blog.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

A new type of finishing and more christmas ..

I have always wanted to try out one of these Strawberry finishes. I finally sat down and made one. It is from the Prairie schooler Christmas Strawberry. Even though I had 3 finishing instruction, I still managed to mess up the first time. Ripping it out and tried again. It took me 3 hours in total. I am happy with the result and will definitely do more of this type of finishing in 2008. I am still experimenting different ways of finishing the top part.

More Christmas Biscornu, I found some Metallic Jobelan in my stash. I used them in these 2 christmas biscornu. Too bad you can't see the sparkles in the pictures. Christmas Tree Biscornu, it is a freebie, Thank you Janet in Texas for emailing me the Freebie URL. I changed a few things here and there. At the back of the biscornu, I put a "merry christmas" button.

Christmas Biscornu by Pam Kellogg, it is such a pretty design:

I love to incorporate "beads" in my stitching. Years ago, someone posted on a BB that instead of using Beading needles, you can also use Quilting needle size 10. They work great and a lot cheaper.

Two christmas themes Scissors fobs, JBW and Just Nan designs:

I have purchased 2 books, one is on pincushion and the other one is for Cartonnage.

I have seen those pretty pincushions and will give them a try next year. I have always wanted to learn how to do a Cartonnage. I admire those boxes made by the talented French Stitchers. This book is in Chinese and it is written by Molly. She also taught some classes in Taiwan as well. Here are some of her Cartonnage. Thank you Frieda for helping me getting the book.
There is a "Secret Santa" in Belgium that has been sending bloggers special thread. I have seen it on at least 15 blogs now. I am so surprised that I got one of the envelopes since I don't belong to any bloggers groups or exchanges. Thank you so much for the generosity and reminding us that the season of Christmas is about giving and caring. Here is my surprise:

I have found these 2 christmas tin cans at CVS store. I think they are pretty cute:

As you can tell, I have not worked on my son Christmas ornaments.....