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Anita's Stitching

I have begun stitching in 1978. For the last 10 years, my stitching has been with "smalls". I love to use beads and ribbons and always looking for new ways for finishing. My email addresses is

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Some Enabling

I just recently discover this new UK designer, Wendy K.C.. She
has some unique designer and I love the 8 corners pillow for sure.

Some designs are catching my eyes as well.
I like Milady's charts and the new one
Needle and Pins is just darling.

Mosey N me has a new chart with a lacing technique to put a box together and I definitely want to give it a try.

The new Loose Feather of Blackbird design, Secret Garden, is so cute.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I have collected quite a few
freebies over the year.
I am trying to stitch at
least one freebie per month.
Here are the freebies that I have
stitched in June so far.

Monday, June 26, 2006

2006 Santa SAL

I have joined a few yahoo stitching groups and
one of them have Santa SAL for 2006.
So far I have stitched 8 Santa designs in total
and I plan to stitch 24 by the end of the year.

I have posted Shepherd's bush Be Jolly in the
"Testing" section and I am going to share a few
more that I have stitched here.

Here are Prairie Schooler, Christmas Sampler II,
and Waxing Moon, Santa's Garden.


I have been reading stitchers's blogs for over a year now. It becomes one
of my daily routine and it is very addictive. I get a lot of new ideas and of
course there are lots of enabling there as well. I love to see changes
that stitchers made to varous designs and enjoy learning new finishing ideas.

I have a picture album with most of my finished pieces. Blogging will allow
me to add comments and make my stitching more personal. I am
looking forward to this new adventure. I have very limited knowledge
of how this work so I am going to stick with the very basic and learn
from there.

Friday, June 23, 2006


I want to try to post a picture here....